Opening days of Atlantic hurricane season could bring some action_freckle removal cream amazon

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Alex Sosnowski·4 min read

AccuWeather meteorologists say there is a chance for a new tropical storm south of Mexico to redevelop over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico during the opening days of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Forecasters expect Tropical Storm Agatha, which formed in the East Pacific early Saturday morning, to move inland over Mexico with torrential rain and gusty winds in the coming days. Around June 1, the beginning of the Atlantic season, it could emerge over the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea where further development will be possible.

"There is a low risk of tropical development from the southwestern Gulf of Mexico to the northwestern Caribbean somewhere in the neighborhood of June 2 to 5," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said, noting that any tropical potential could be influenced by what's happening not far away in the Eastern Pacific basin. "It is possible that development in either of these two zones in the Atlantic basin could be spurred on by crossover energy from Agatha in the eastern Pacific."

Even if Agatha is slower than expected to move toward land, enough shower and thunderstorm activity could slowly fester and allow a tropical system to congeal on the Atlantic side.

"There is currently a significant amount of wind shear evident from southeastern Mexico to the southern Gulf and the western Caribbean," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Mike LeSeney said. When wind shear is high or strong, it can prevent a tropical system from developing. That phenomenon would have to drop off first, and that is why development may not occur until sometime later next week, if at all.

But if something does form during those opening days of the Atlantic hurricane season, which direction might it take?

"Tropical development is far from a certainty at this point," AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok emphasized, "but any tropical disturbance or organized system --should it form --would tend to be steered northeastward around an area of high pressure over the southwestern Atlantic." For example, if a tropical disturbance forms near Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, it would likely travel toward Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas.