Protein Before a Workout or After? Here's What a Dietitian Says_freckle removal laser before and after

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Maggie Ryan·5 min read

If you're looking to build muscle, the question of when to eat protein around a workout (before? after? during?) becomes an important one, especially because it seems like everyone has their own routine. You might see some people shaking up a protein drink between reps at the gym or munching on a bar right before or after their workouts. Protein is essential if you're trying to build muscle, but when should you consume it to maximize your gains?

Whether to have protein before or after a workout comes down to two factors: muscle breakdown and possible stomach upset, according to registered dietitian Michele Fumagalli. You want to prevent both of them for different reasons. While some muscle breakdown is necessary to get stronger (more on that below), the goal is to ensure that your body has the nutrients to build those fibers back. On the gastrointestinal side, it's important to remember that protein is a more complex macronutrient and therefore more difficult to digest. It can cause stomach discomfort if eaten too soon before your workout.

But before we get into the details, let's start with some basics.

Why Is Protein Necessary For Muscle Gain?

People associate protein with muscle building because of what happens when you don'teat it, Fumagalli explains. The way you build muscle is actually by breaking it down, creating tiny tears in the tissue (which happens during your workout), then rebuilding it bigger and stronger. But that's only possible if you give your muscles the nutrients they need to grow. Protein is the compound that does that best because your body breaks it down into amino acids, compounds that repair your muscle tissue. When your body doesn't have protein available, the muscle tissue can't rebuild and may start to break down or atrophy.

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Should You Eat Protein Before a Workout?

That brings us to the timing question. You can get pretty deep into the details of when and what exactly to eat before a workout, but here's a good rule of thumb: the closer you get to your workout, the more you should stick with foods that are easily digestible.