These 131 Hysterical Tweets Are Some Of The Only Things That Have Gotten Me Through 2022 So Far_freckle removal natural

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Even though we're only a few months into 2022, it's already been a lot to handle. On the bright side, there have been a ton of hysterical jokes on Twitter that have made coping with this year just a liiiiiittle bit🤏 more bearable. You just gotta take a look for yourself. There's no way you'll get through all of these jokes without busting up laughing.

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I’ve got to think of a way to get off this planet by tomorrow

01:08 AM - 10 Mar 2022


Just filled up my tank and I’ve actually decided to put my car in neutral, open the door and use my feet like the flinstones

07:56 PM - 08 Mar 2022


If this doesnt work I give up

03:32 AM - 09 Mar 2022


Just saw someone say they got the ick from the way their bfs body flailed around when they got in a car crash

05:56 PM - 08 Mar 2022


boyfriends take pictures of you like you did something awful to them

12:46 AM - 10 Mar 2022


i love a short man, like yessss take up less space on earth you feminist king

09:12 PM - 08 Mar 2022



12:23 AM - 09 Mar 2022


My lawyer just said the DA was “mansplaining” to her im going to jail dawg

05:13 PM - 05 Mar 2022


Called my landlord bc I smelled gas and he came over and turned my stovetop burner off

02:02 AM - 03 Mar 2022